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    The Bachelor of Arts (specialisations) is a three-year undergraduate programme that equips students with the essential knowledge, skills and abilities needed to pursue careers in the field of business management. At our institution, we offer a comprehensive curriculum designed to provide students with a strong foundation in key areas such as management, marketing, finance, human resources and operations management. Students are encouraged to develop critical thinking skills, communication abilities and analytical expertise, which are crucial for success in today’s fast-paced business environment. By providing our students with both theoretical knowledge and real-world experience, we believe that this programme is the right choice for anyone looking to make a successful future in this exciting industry.

    With this academic qualification under your belt, you will be well-equipped to enter different industries ranging from banking & finance to government enterprise development agencies, thereby making it an excellent choice if you aim to enter the corporate world.


    • Business Management
    • Managing People
    • Financial Management
    • Operations Management
    • Sales and Marketing

    Programme Structure

    Semester 1

    • The Business Environment
    • Communication Skills for Business
    • Financial and Management Accounting 
    • Resource Management
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • People in Organisations
    • Managing Information and Knowledge
    • Cultural Perspectives
    • Digital Communications
    • Language (German)

    Worldwide Internship

    Semester 2

      • Business Organisations in a Global Context
      • People Management
      • Finance for Managers
      • Business Law
      • Business Ethics
      • Managing Communication
      • Marketing Principles and Practice
      • Organisational Analysis and Change
      • Research Project I
      • Language (German)

    Worldwide Internship

    Semester 3

    Shared Course

      • Leadership and Management
      • Managing Quality and Service Delivery
      • Risk Management
      • Economics for Business
      • Marketing Communications
      • Computer Application I
      • Language (German)

    Specialisation 1: Business Management

      • Human Resource Management
      • Managing Change
      • Financial Decision-Making for Managers

    Specialisation 2: Human Resource Management

      • Human Resource Management
      • Managing Change
      • Business Branding

    Specialisation 3: Marketing Management

      • Factors Determining Marketing Strategies
      • Managing Change
      • Business Branding

    Specialisation 4: Financial Management

      • Managing Finance in the Public Sector
      • Accounting Techniques
      • Financial Decision-Making for Managers

    Specialisation 5: Operations Management

      • Management Information Systems
      • Managing Change
      • Logistics and Supply Chain Management

    Semester 4

    Shared Course

      • Personal Leadership and Management Development
      • Industry Negotiation
      • Project Management
      • Ethics in Research
      • Computer Application II
      • Research Project II
      • Language (German)
      • Language (French or Spanish)


      • Hands-on Project
      • Work-based Project

    Semester 5

    Shared Course

      • Language (German)
      • Language (French or Spanish)


      • Hands-on Project
      • Work-based Project

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    Office of Admissions

    Industriestrasse 24,
    6300 Zug, Switzerland

    +41 76 396 6493

    [email protected]

    Mon – Fri 8:30 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

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    Why study here?

    Switzerland is world-renowned for its high-quality educational institutions, and the Swiss Institute of Management and Sciences (SIMS) is no exception. Located in the city of Zug, SIMS provides an array of programs and courses that are highly respected by employers around the globe. The curriculum at SIMS has been crafted to give students a well-rounded education encompassing every facet of business and management. The courses are rigorous and require hard work, but the rewards are worth it as graduates leave with an understanding of the global marketplace and its associated challenges. SIMS graduates are highly sought after by employers due to their strong analytical skills, problem-solving ability, and cultural awareness. The Institute has an excellent reputation for placing graduates in top jobs at leading companies worldwide.

    The Bachelor of Business Administration programme aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies required for success in today’s competitive business environment.