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    Academic Board

    SIMS Academic Board is comprised of some of the best and brightest minds in higher education. With its members representing a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences, and expertise in various fields, the board has been instrumental in providing guidance to SIMS since its inception.
    academic board

    The Swiss Institute of Management and Sciences has established an Academic Board that functions as the supreme governing body for academic affairs. This board is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring the highest standards in curriculum, research, faculty appointments, and student services.

    The Academic Board comprises distinguished educators from diverse fields who bring their expertise to bear on shaping policies that enhance learning outcomes for students at SIMS.  Through its rigorous oversight mechanisms, the SIMS Academic Board plays a pivotal role in maintaining the institution’s reputation as a premier destination for those seeking quality education in management and sciences.

    Our Academic Board


    Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Zajac

    Head of Education

    Prof. Dr. Daniel Steve Villarreal

    Head of Research

    Prof. Dr. Paolo Casadio

    Head of Banking, Finance & Sustainability

    Prof. Dr. Christopher Goh​

    Head of Tourism & Hospitality

    Prof. Dr. Eric Olmedo

    Head of Business & Management

    Prof. Dr. Jason Lee Wai Chow

    Head of Global Education

    Prof. Dr. Yara Katami

    Head of Aviation Management & Logistics

    Prof. Dr. Michael Wang

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