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    Swiss Institute of Management and Sciences Joins EURASHE: A Step Towards Advancing Applied Higher Education

    In the landscape of higher education, there exists a spectrum of institutions, each with its unique focus and mission. Among these, the emphasis on applied higher education holds a vital place, catering to the practical needs of students and industries alike EURASHE. Founded in Patras, Greece, in 1990, EURASHE has created an instrument to advocate for the interests of Europe’s extra-university sector of tertiary education vis-à-vis the European Commission and other stakeholders.

    EURASHE’s inception stemmed from a vision to create a platform that amplifies the voices of Europe’s extra-university sector within the broader educational landscape, particularly in dialogues with the European Commission and other stakeholders. With a membership spanning over 550 institutions, EURASHE has been instrumental in shaping policies and frameworks conducive to the growth and recognition of applied higher education across Europe.

    In alignment with this ethos of promoting educational quality and fostering collaboration, the Swiss Institute of Management and Sciences (SIMS) is delighted to announce its recent membership approval at EURASHE’s annual meeting. For SIMS, this milestone marks not only a recognition of its commitment to excellence but also a strategic step towards contributing to the advancement of applied higher education on a pan-European scale.

    The decision to join EURASHE underscores SIMS’s dedication to aligning its educational offerings with the evolving needs of both students and industries. By becoming a member, SIMS gains access to a network of like-minded institutions, enabling knowledge exchange, collaborative initiatives, and benchmarking against best practices. This affiliation serves as a testament to SIMS’s proactive approach to staying abreast of global educational trends and standards.

    As Prof. Dr Mensur Zeqiri, Head Academic of SIMS, expressed, “Joining EURASHE is a significant milestone for SIMS. It validates our commitment to delivering high-quality education and provides us with a platform to actively participate in shaping the future of applied higher education in Europe.”

    Membership in EURASHE offers several tangible benefits for SIMS. Firstly, it provides opportunities for faculty and staff to engage in professional development activities, workshops, and conferences focused on enhancing teaching methodologies and curriculum design in line with industry demands. Secondly, it facilitates collaborative research projects and partnerships with other member institutions, fostering innovation and knowledge creation. Thirdly, it enhances SIMS’s visibility and credibility on a European level, thereby attracting a diverse pool of students and enhancing its internationalization efforts.

    Furthermore, by being part of EURASHE, SIMS can contribute its unique perspectives and experiences to discussions surrounding policy formulation and advocacy initiatives aimed at elevating the status and recognition of applied higher education within the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). Through active involvement in EURASHE’s working groups and task forces, SIMS can help shape agendas related to topics such as quality assurance, employability, and lifelong learning.

    In conclusion, SIMS’s membership in EURASHE signifies a shared commitment towards advancing applied higher education in Europe. By joining forces with like-minded institutions under the EURASHE umbrella, SIMS reaffirms its dedication to educational excellence, innovation, and societal relevance. As the educational landscape continues to evolve, as a member of EURASHE will play a pivotal role in driving positive change and ensuring that higher education remains responsive to the needs of individuals, industries, and societies at large

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