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    SIMS strive towards achieving excellence in research, innovation, and education to help advance knowledge and prepare future leaders to tackle global issues.


    Why Swiss Institute of Management and Sciences

    Swiss Institute of Management and Sciences (SIMS) is an educational institution offering programs specialised in Management, Finance and Accounting, Marketing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management, and other fields. Besides providing Swiss-quality education and training, SIMS was established with the only aim of providing Stimulating (S), Inspiring (I), Multicultural (M), and Sustainable (S) learning environments to prepare students for their careers and challenges of the global economy.

    At SIMS, besides teaching state-of-the-art theory, we engage students in different international experiences and connect them to different business practices that help create a stimulating and practical learning environment where students learn and practice new ways of thinking and solving business problems that can profoundly help them and their organizations in their struggle towards success and professional development.

    Our advantages


    Excellent Education

    We have world-class reputation for excellent higher education, providing quality, industry-responsive programmes relevant to national and global market.


    Various Scholarship Programmes

    We provide a range of scholarships and financial aid to promising students every year. The resources for financial support vary by degree, school, and enrollment status.


    Multicultural Learning Community

    We are a truly global learning institution with students from different nationalities that helps bring diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences to our classrooms.


    Open Pathways

    We help our students develop the skills, knowledge, and qualifications required to pursue various degree programmes at different levels. Successful SIMS graduates may qualify for a next-level top-up, including professional and academic appointments.


    Outstanding Support

    We provide our students with comprehensive learning support services. Once enrolled, our students will have access to a variety of learning support to help them develop and improve their academic skills by attending events and workshops.


    Academic Integrity & Excellence

    We collaborate and work very closely with partner universities, accreditation agencies, and local governmental bodies that ensure the highest level of academic integrity and excellence as well as mutual recognition of hard-earned academic degrees.


    Become a globally renowned international business school that offers our students top-notch, fully accredited, and recognised academic programmes, helping develop leaders and professionals prepared for a future and a business world they can shape.


    Strive towards achieving excellence in research, innovation, and education to help advance knowledge and prepare future leaders to tackle global issues. Besides, we strive toward providing a multicultural and sustainable learning environment.


    Our students and society are at the heart of every decision to promote research-driven learning and teaching in advancing knowledge to solve practical problems relevant to individuals, companies and society at large.

    our partners trust us

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    CEO, Luryc

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    Business Operations, Bewarx

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    VP Marketing, Wico

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