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    Certified Enterprise Risk Officer


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    The Certified Enterprise Risk Officer programme highlights its significance in equipping professionals with advanced risk management skills to tackle contemporary challenges. Our programme covers key areas such as identifying and assessing risks, developing risk management strategies, implementing controls and monitoring their effectiveness. We provide interactive sessions led by industry experts who share real-life scenarios to enhance learning outcomes for our participants. 

    At our institute, we take pride in offering world-class training programs such as CERO, designed specifically for those looking to advance their careers in risk management. With us, you’ll be able to build your expertise while networking with other professionals in the field – all within a supportive learning environment focused on delivering exceptional results!

    Learning Outcomes

      • Able to identify, measure, monitor, control
      • and mitigate risk from unexpected and uncontrollable events.
      • Adopting best principles frameworks from ISO3100 and COSO ERM 2017 standards.
      • Establish early warning detection on any unusual patterns for effective risk control.
      • Align ERM strategy and framework to your corporate strategy
      • for effective strategic planning, adopting the COSO ERM 2017 standard.
      • Implement a holistic ERM framework for effective risk monitoring and control.


    Every participant will either use their own organization or an approved case study and attempt to apply all the knowledge that they had acquired over the 5-days. This includes setting up the ERM Framework KRIs, identifying the root causes of different types of key risks covering market, credit, operational, liquidity, compliance and cyber, setting up enterprise risks measurements, monitoring and controls, plus reporting structure. This project will be then assessed by a panel of international experts in the 2 accrediting bodies in addition to the trainer.

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    Office of Admissions

    Industriestrasse 24,
    6300 Zug, Switzerland

    +41 76 396 6493

    [email protected]

    Mon – Fri 8:30 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

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    Why study here?

    Switzerland is world-renowned for its high-quality educational institutions, and the Swiss Institute of Management and Sciences (SIMS) is no exception. Located in the city of Zug, SIMS provides an array of programs and courses that are highly respected by employers around the globe. The curriculum at SIMS has been crafted to give students a well-rounded education encompassing every facet of business and management. The courses are rigorous and require hard work, but the rewards are worth it as graduates leave with an understanding of the global marketplace and its associated challenges. SIMS graduates are highly sought after by employers due to their strong analytical skills, problem-solving ability, and cultural awareness. The University has an excellent reputation for placing graduates in top jobs at leading companies worldwide.

    The Certified Enterprise Risk Officer programme equips professionals with the latest tools and techniques required to manage enterprise-wide risks proactively.